A company makes a $5 profit on each non-faulty product it sells. Approximately 2% of the products manufactured are faulty.with no way to discover which ones are faulty before delivery. If replacement-and-repair costs for the faulty products are $100each, what is the profit per item?A.loss of $15.10B.loss of $15C.profit of $2.90D.profit of $3.00

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step answer:The steps are much easier to follow when we know how many product it sells.  The number does not really matter, because we need the profit per item.Say, the company made and sold 100 items of the product.The revenue = 100*5 = $500.On the average, 2 out of 100 are defective and need to be replaced at a cost of $100 each, so replacement cost = 2* 100 = 200So net profit for 100 items = $500 -$200 = $300Net profit for each item = $300/100 = $3.00Remark: since the product is replaced, no refund is necessary, so revenue stays at $300.