can someone help me out?Factor 2x2b2 + 5xb2 + 2b2. Show your work.

Accepted Solution


The given equation is:
2b²x² + 5xb² + 2b²
We can start by taking b² as a common factor, this will give us:
b² (2x² + 5x + 2)

Now, we have a trinomial quadratic equation that we need to factorize.
The general form of the quadratic equation is:
ax² + bx + c
The one we have is:
2x² + 5x + 2
By comparison:
a = 2
b = 5
c = 2

To get the factors, we will need to use the quadratic equation attached in the images.
By substitution, we would find that:
either x = -1/2.......> This means that the factor is (2x+1)
or x = -2........> This means that the factor is (x+2)

Now, back to our expression, we will replace the quadratic trinomial with its factored form to get the simplified expression:

Hope this helps :)