ok so i solved x^2 - 8x + 16 and got (x - 4)(x + 4)(x + 4) what do i do from there?

Accepted Solution

The general form of the quadratic equation is:
ax² + bx + c 

The given equation is:
x² - 8x + 16

By comparison:
a = 1
b = -8
c = 16

Now, to get the factors, we will need to use the quadratic formula (attached in the images).

Substituting in the formula, we would find that:
either x = 4
or x = 4

This means that we have one real root and the equation given is a perfect square equation.

This means that the simplest factored form of the equation given is:
(x-4)² which can also be written as (x-4)(x-4)

Hope this helps :)