Step 1: Collect and organize your data.a) Using the Super Survey Simulator, survey 10 students of your choice and gather data. Create an organized representation of your data below., 3.0,3.8b) What do you think the purpose of this survey is? Explain.

Accepted Solution

Answer:To better understand the data you're working withStep-by-step explanation:Note that, the sample is a subset of your whole population (population here is a general definition, it could be a population of cars for example), which means that if you want to understand your population your best "bet" would be using a sample to try to estimate some unknown characteristics of your population. Let's suppose you want to estimate the true mean of your population, then you would need a sample, and if this sample is big enough you could approximate the estimative to the true mean.It's hard to say exactly what this survey could mean, but the general idea is to understand your data a little more, see if there is any pattern, if a certain value occurs more than others, to calculate the sample mean, median and standard deviation, and so on...Hope it helped!