What Divided by 29 Equals 15?

Accepted Solution


It's important to know the process to solve problems such as "What divided by 29 equals 15?". Here, "what" signifies an unknown variable usually represented by "x" in mathematics. Hence, the problem translates to finding a number "x" that when divided by 29, equals 15.

Using LaTeX, set up the problem as follows: \[ \frac{x}{29} = 15 \], where your task is to solve for "x". To isolate "x", multiply both sides by 29, resulting in: \[ x = 15 \times 29 \].

On simplifying the equation, the answer is obtained: \[ x = 435 \]. This implies that when divided by 29, 435 equals 15. To confirm the accuracy of the result, replace 'x' in the original equation with '435', yielding a true statement: \[ \frac{435}{29} = 15 \].

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